semana santa travels 

Greetings from the country side of spain (via train)… This week is semana santa in spain which is basically their spring break, so that means no school & one week vacation from work. What a glorious thing. So for a glorious 9 days I will be traveling through spain & Portugal. I am so excited to see more of Europe and to fall even more in love with this beautiful amazing place. 

At first I was kind of skeptical about traveling by train… To be honest I am an awful traveler (surprisingly all my recent travels haven’t made it any better). I get very anxious about traveling and am unable to relax during the entire journey. I was worried that these train trips (each being about 6-8 hours) were going to drive me crazy. But today I shockingly enjoyed my trip. I was relaxed and even slept a little (I can never sleep on public transport) The spanish country side today was incredibly amazing and beautiful, watching the sunrise above the plains was incredible. I’m excited to see what other amazing views I get from my other trips! Being able to stare out the window at all the hills and feilds was almost indescribable.. 

…But I’ll try and put it into words… It just was another reaffirming part of my journey in Europe. I knew that this is where I want to be, and where at the current moment I should be. It also led me to question… Should I have been born in spain? The more I see of this country the more it feels like home to me. It’s crazy that something can feel like home so quickly. Staring out the window i just knew, this place is home. The Fields are seemingly endless with Massive mountains popping up in the distance. It almost didn’t look real.. It was utterly breath taking, and photos don’t even do it justice.

So now for my travel plans: Currently I am in San Sebastián, then tomorrow evening I will head to Salamanca . On Wednesday I will take an “over night” (1am to 730 am) train to Lisbon and then on Friday we will make our way to seville. Then finally monday I will return to barcelona with a short stop in Madrid. I am so excited for what’s to come and will be sure to post about my exciting adventures!!! 


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