I know I’ve written a lot about how much I love Barcelona … but that’s just because I love it  oh so much.  (I mean i’ve written about it enough times – because honestly, I don’t think I can ever run out of things to say about Barcelona.)

Below is a really cool time lapse tour video of Barcelona that I’ve seen too many times to admit, and just truly shows the absolute beauty of this city. It can’t even capture all the parts of Barcelona I love, but it shows so much of the beauty of this place.



Barcelona is so wonderful, filled with history, culture and so much energy. I feel so lucky to be living in a city like this. It still blows my mind every day that not only am I actually living in Europe, but I’m living in a city as awesome as Barcelona. There is something magical about a city that has the sea on one side and mountains on the other…You can go take a walk up a mountain or you can go take a walk along the beach, whatever you wake up feeling like doing, it’s there…. the options are truly endless.… I fall more and more in love with Barcelona with each passing day.


So hopefully now you can see why I love this city so much, why it’s so hard for me to say goodbye and maybe in the end get inspired enough to plan a visit here yourself…


31 thoughts on “Beautiful Barcelona

  1. Wow! How beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I’ve wanted to see Barcelona ever since I was stationed in Rota. My girlfriend was from that great city but we never made it there. Someday, I will go. Maybe to live there.


  2. I got to go for a couple of hours yesterday for Business, but it was beautiful. I hope I get to go back sometime and enjoy it.


  3. I’m moving to Barcelona in September for my masters, so excited!! I fell in love when I visited last December – I cannot wait to make it my home! You’re right, it’s such an amazing city.

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  4. Beautiful words, Barcelona really is a very special place? Have you ever travelled down the coast (by train is the best!) to Valencia or Alicante? Those cities and the little beach towns in between hold a special place in my heart. Maybe someday! For now, ciao from Santiago de Chile! And thanks for visiting The Highway is Green.

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  5. Just got back from week in Barca. Sonar Festival in the middle of the City was unreal! Undoubtedly one of my favourite cities in the world and the key to discovering it is hire a bike – you experience everything!

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  6. Very much hoping to attend a music conference in Barcelona next summer (’17). A place I’ve dreamt of visiting for a very long time! Thanks for your wonderful posts on a great city!

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  7. I love this post and the video – I hadnt seen it before and its perfect timing for me – I am supposed to be in Barcelona NOW but broke my toe :/ so had to cancel my trip which Im gutted about. But mainly Im looking forward to planning the trip again for later this year. 🙂

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