say yes to new adventure


(Also happens to be the quote on my new journal)

  That is exactly what I am preparing myself to do right now. I am planning on moving abroad again, this time to Colombia and it hardly seems real. Everytime I hear myself say those words I’m just like… Excuse me, what?


     Honestly, sometimes it’s hard to believe that this amazing and incredible life I live actually belongs to me. I used to think that this kind of stuff only happened in movies, these adventures were way too difficult to ever achieve… but here I am. Living the life I’ve always wanted but never thought I could possibly ever have. *Trust me people it is actually possible*

Turning my DREAMS into a REALITY 

      I am damn proud of myself. I look back upon the girl that I was and that makes me realize how much I truly have grown. The things that I am doing, the independence and courage that I have found, I’m just proud of myself.

       Now I am nowhere near perfect and still have a lot more growing to do. But I can 100% say that I am truly happy with the person that I am at this very moment.

      The person I am today comes as a result of all the adventures hat I have took so far. I am so beyond excited to see how I will grow,even more, by saying yes to this new adventure and MOVING TO COLOMBIA. (details to come)
Say yes to new adventures… What’s the worst thing that can happen? 


42 thoughts on “SAY YES!

  1. That’s amazing! Ohmygosh I’m so jealous, living abroad and doing what you do has always been a dream of mine. I’m so excited for your future adventures!


  2. Nothing scarier and more invigorating than moving to a new country – wish you the best of luck! Since graduating I decided that I wanted to spend the next few years living in as many places as possible, so am looking forward to seeing what Colombia is like, one of my dream destinations!
    Aso thank you for the like on my post, appreciate it x

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    1. I completely agree moving to a new country while it is extremely scary it also is very invigorating, it teaches you so much about life. Good luck to you, deciding to live as many places as possible is extremely courageous of you!! Look forward to following your adventure


  3. Love your adventure journal and overall attitude about life! I too am loving my life and never thought these adventures would be mine! I make enough money to live this life MY way and can adjust my schedule to adventure! in a couple weeks I’ll be 12 days on Caribnean side of Mexico

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