in search of inspiration.

I have so much to say, so many ideas of what I could write… yet when I open the page to start a new blogpost… nothing happens. I find no topics, find no words… I want to keep writing, I want to keep posting, I want to keep sharing my stories. However, at this moment I am seemingly at a standstill, unable to find the words, unable to convey the stories, unable to share.


So, what I’ve decided what I will do is this… ask anyone who reads this for ideas. I will write about anything and everything. In the comments leave something you want to know about me, some topic you’d want me to write about, a story about a place I’ve visited (Where I’ve been) … literally anything, anything I can use as inspiration, any ideas for a blogpost.


With everything going on right now, I just want to write more, I want to share more. So please, help me, give me those ideas, inspirations and let me share with you.


10 thoughts on “in search of inspiration.

  1. I’d like to know where you are now. Didn’t you write that you were moving somewhere new? It was a while ago that I read it I think. So tell me, where are you and how’s it going?
    I sometimes find myself at a loss and don’t know what to write, so I try and find inspiration from other blogs. A friend of mine challenges herself to try something different each week, so recently I started challenging myself too…I’ve started off small but I’m posting everyday so that’s quite cool. Why don’t you challenge yourself to something new each day?

    I like that you’ve asked your followers to make suggestions for you, nice idea. Anything you’d like to hear from me? 😀


    1. that’s a great idea! i am moving to colombia but currently i’m at home in new york. it’s kind of an inbetween waiting period (it’s kinda frustrating)

      yes, sometimes on occasion i’ll be reading another blog post and it will inspire me to start writing on a topic, so that’s a good idea to continue. Also challenging myself to something new sounds cool, what kind of challenges do you give yourself?
      I wanted to ask my followers because I feel like in writing my blog post I really express who I am. I feel like my readers know me, and if they don’t… I want to show that side of me.
      I would love to know more about how you dealt with the transition of coming home after Spain, that’s something i’m slightly struggling with right now.

      have a lovely day



      1. Colombia yes, I remember now! Well I’m really looking forward to reading about your adventures over there. At the moment it’s a small challenge, maybe a bit daft, some might say. I am however, enjoying it. This is will tell you more.
        When I came home from Spain things were quite hard. Unfortunately my father passed away 3 weeks before I was due to come back, and I, a few months earlier had been diagnosed with skin cancer. I was very very lucky and it was caught straight away. It did make me think though…life is too short. In a way, it helped me with the transition back home because I had to keep myself very busy. I still have days now though, when I think about whether or not I want to be home or abroad…I do know, that life is far too short and we need to grab any opportunities that are thrown at us. Take each day as it comes and try the challenge thing. It’s kept my mind quite occupied. I’m wondering what to do next 🙂


  2. I don’t have any ideas for you but I do have a tip that might help you with recording ideas. Carry a notebook with you! Its an easy way to record whatever passing thought you had that just might be interesting enough to blog about. If you still want a random topic, here’s one for you: What is your usual writing set up? Do you write exclusively on a laptop or are you more of a pen and paper kind of person?


  3. I might have to steal any ideas people give you haha.. I’m always struggling for content. Sometimes I’ll have an idea in my head and write a complete blog about it. Then I come back and re-read it and realise it’s not that great after all..

    What about the favourite place you’ve visited
    Your favourite photo or important photo and the story behind it
    5 reasons why someone should visit your hometown


  4. I saw a great idea the other day, someone selected songs that would make up the soundtrack to their life. It was awesome!

    Also, perhaps a list of experiences you’d like to have in your travels someday. Mine is to photograph Icelandic ponies!


  5. I always ask food related questions when someone returns from a trip. So do you have any unexpected meal stories? A fancy restaurant dinner that turned out to be awful, street food that was the best food of the journey, invited over for a meal at the home of someone you had just met ?


  6. Do you take your own photos? They’re really beautiful. A picture is worth a thousand words…maybe sift through old photos and find a story in one. Wander through the photo and put yourself back there. Or just find one that isn’t yours and put yourself there! It’s a fun character exercise writers do. It may be a good way for you to discover where you want to go next and what you want to write about.


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