It’s the end, but also the beginning 

In order for the next chapter in my life to start, the current one must come to an end. And both accepting that and moving forward with it is something I have been struggling with, but I am accepting it and instead of viewing it as an end, viewing it as a new beginning.

This week has been full of a lot of lasts and a lot of goodbyes, full of laughs, memories, happy moments but also tears. As I say goodbye to some of the people who have helped me become the person I am, I am both saddened and grateful. Saddened because they are all also moving on with their lives, returning to their home countries and I do not know when I’ll see them next. But mostly I am grateful, i am so lucky to have these friends who have become my family. These friends who have opened my mind and have taught me so much about the world. These friends who have helped me change the way I see the world and the way I think. These friends who have made me better.

I know what’s waiting for me next is amazing. But it’s so hard to let go of Barcelona. My friends. My life here.

But I must

Because its the only way to keep going with my life. And I am ready to keep going.


It is not the end, it is only the  beginning. 

20 thoughts on “It’s the end, but also the beginning 

  1. I totally get that. Move on to my next chapter August 1 and have awesome excitement and a little anxiety. What’s in your next chapter??? Enjoy the bittersweetness of leaving an amazing place and finishing this chapter.


  2. It is always hard moving on, but you have so many memories to cherish and like you said, some great new people who I’m sure will always be in your life. When I finished my year abroad at the tender age of 21, I returned home knowing that only good things were to come and many more adventures to follow. I am still in touch with the majority of people I met whilst on that year away; some great friendships never to be broken.


  3. Know exactly how you feel, having gone through he painful goodbyes ourselves. We’ve started our homeward bound voyage. However painful, it is neccessary to keep going to make new memories… Good luck with it all!


  4. Found you guys via the recent Liebster nomination. 🙂 Sarah and I can totally relate to this. She actually wrote a post about the grief we experience as travelers. It’s pretty deep and somewhat depressing, but may be of interest. Glad we found your blog – excellent pics and writing! Happy Travels


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