I have some exciting news to share… well actually a few things…

First of all… I just hit 3,000 followers on the blog… OMG i seriously can’t believe it! Thank you all ❤ thank you for the love, support and encouragement.

So next, for the real news… I have started a new project to keep myself busy and entertained during all this free time I have. (ya know.. funemployed in bogota…)

So to preface this news, some of you might know this and some of you don’t… but I write this blog on a semi anonymous basis. None of my friends or family have the link to this blog. As you might have noticed, in a lot of my posts I tend to be pretty honest an open (well as much as I possibly can) and I find that easier to do when I know that no one I know (to my knowledge) is reading my posts.

So, since I don’t really feel quite ready to share my innermost thoughts and feelings with my family and friends, but I do want to share with them… I’ve decided to do the next best thing. START ANOTHER BLOG.

This new blog will be solely dedicated to my travels, both past, present and future. The other day I was going through some old photos on my computer and saw how many photos I have, and was reminiscing on so many memories… and decided it was time (well probably way past time) to properly record them all & share them.

I wanted to share my new blog with you guys in case you want to follow along with some of my travels, stories and photos! (link below)

Adventures Abroad


But don’t worry, I will of course still continue to post on this blog. I love this blog so much, it truly has been so fun to write on & share with you guys… and I will continue to do so in the future.


15 thoughts on “some exciting news 

  1. Congrats on 3000 followers!! That’s amazing and a true sign of hard work, dedication, and excellent content! I haven’t shared my blog with family or friends yet either and I can’t decide whether or not I want to. Best of luck on your new blog and happy blogging!

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