self doubt & uncertainty

self-doubt. that’s what i’ve been full of lately. self-doubt topped with some major uncertainty. Lately I’ve been wondering a lot… wondering if i’ve made the right decision with what I am doing for… Continue reading

the road to recovery

As the title suggests my disappearance, and lack of writing has really been due to the fact that I’ve been working on getting myself back together and focusing on myself right now… If… Continue reading

living my best life (with depression)

There has seemingly been a theme to my recent posts lately, a theme of sadness … a lack of motivation within me… a sort of difficulty adjusting to the changes in my life.… Continue reading


Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that is the one that is going to help you grow -Caroline Myss Life scares me, the things I have done, the… Continue reading

the passing of time

One of the harsh realities of living abroad, is that the world does not stop spinning. While that might sound like a stupid and incredibly obvious statement to make (because of course, duh…… Continue reading

“Make Every Moment Count”

     The life we live is so short and we should truly try and make every moment count.    While I have done that in the past, I feel like I have… Continue reading

My next big move (literally)

As I briefly mentioned  in my last post ( SAY YES! ) I finally have my answer to the daunting question of what comes next ?   The answer… IM MOVING TO COLOMBIA!!!  more specifically Bogota… Continue reading


say yes to new adventure       (Also happens to be the quote on my new journal)   That is exactly what I am preparing myself to do right now. I am planning… Continue reading

Home Again

I have returned home from living abroad. My adventures have begun their brief hiatus. And along with this hiatus comes a complete emotional roller coaster. I’ve been struggling with being home, being away… Continue reading

It’s the end, but also the beginning¬†

In order for the next chapter in my life to start, the current one must come to an end. And both accepting that and moving forward with it is something I have been… Continue reading