feeling inspired

For some reason today i’m feeling extra inspired (not that I’m complaining or anything.. because it’s always great to be inspired..) Usually it’s exactly the opposite, usually i’m struggling to find inspiration.. so I guess that makes today that much more exciting!


I’m not sure exactly where it’s coming from.. could be the fact that my followers are so awesome & encouraging … could be the fact that I’m about to hit 3,000 Followers (holy crap!! i never thought this would happen) or it could be the fact that I’ve read so many amazing and beautiful blogs and realized that I want exactly that for my blog!

or it could be this amazing quote I found on instagram this morning:



With all this inspiration it’s sparked in me to do a few things… or should i say update a few things..


First of all I’ve decided that http://www.theconfessionsofawanderer.com is in need of a serious update. I’m going to redesign the page completely … new banner, new theme, new colors … everything (stay tuned… who knows how long it’ll take).

I’ve also decided to take on the semi ambitious task of making myself a logo … I am in no means skillful in graphic design, but I’ve decided why not go for it and see what happens!

My about me section is way out of date, so that will be updated as well. I mean I can’t even remember the last time I touched that page (I’ve seriously been slacking I know..)

I decided to get on twitter (this time for real)… I think it’ll be fun and exciting .. so if you want to connect ->https://twitter.com/coawanderer<- I want to post on more than just my blog, I want to connect with more people. (also i’m on instagram https://www.instagram.com/confessionsofawanderer/ )


I pour my heart and soul into each an every single post that I write, they are a direct reflection of me. I’ve decided it was time that beyond the words, I would like this page to really reflect me as well.. so stay tuned and see what’s to come..


(& if any one has any tips, words of wisdom or insights… please share!)


8 thoughts on “feeling inspired

  1. Being motivated and inspired is the best feeling one can get! And wow 3000 is really something! Congrats! I think the blogging community itself seems an inspiration ..people actually share their true passion, feelings, thoughts which they don’t usually get to do it in their actual life sometimes! I started my travel blog under the idea to express my passion and do something different from my usual work life… exploring people adventures and journeys everyday and interacting in the community somehow have kept me motivated.! Anyway a I think I wrote a long comment.. nice post, thanks for sharing and keep up! 🙂


  2. Well done! I’ve started (and stopped) writing so many blogs in the past which haven’t stuck so when you find one which sticks I feel like it should definitely represent you 🙂 We still have some ways to go with ours too but we’ll get there. The main thing is that it feels right! Looking forward to seeing the changes to come 🙂


  3. Hey Sam, thanks for liking my recent blog post (carpe diem). 🙂 I enjoyed reading yours here. It’s funny that some days you wake up feeling all inspired and other days, the ‘inner chimp’ runs riot. Enjoy re-modelling your blog, I should follow along for inspiration.


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