Thoughts from a train 

So I haven’t had much time to write because I’ve just been trying to do and see as much as posible. I’m inmersing myself fully in the city as much as I possibly can. I love traveling so so much and this week has made me fall in love with it even more. (and even more in love with spain which I didn’t know was possible)

So far I have been to San Sebastián, Salamanca and Lisbon. Currently I am on the train to Seville stopping for a few hours In Faro.(yay for wifi on trains so I can actually post) I can’t pick which city I liked best, they were all incredibly beautiful and all so different. I took an crazy amount of photos and can’t wait too look back on this trip and write about it. That’s the beauty of both keeping a journal and a blog, I get to record these experiences forever and also fully grasp how amazing and incredible each place has been.

Even though I only have spent one or two nights in each city I really felt as I got to know each city. My favorite thing to do is just wandering the city getting to know the city and getting a feel for the place and the people. I’ve been sure to see some of the great sights of each city but there’s something about traveling and getting “lost” down the little side streets… “The road less traveled” .

Traveling is amazinng, the Iberian peninsula is beautiful and I feel so fortunate getting to see so much more of it. I am falling more and more in love with this place the more I see of it. I am hoping that these travels will help me to shed some light on what I want to do next with my life, but if not it is an amazing experience that will stay with me forever.

There’s so much beauty in the world and I just want to see it all…. Traveling always intensifies my wanderlust …. 


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