One more month….

As my time in Barcelona is winding down I have been experiencing a true rollercoaster of emotions. I am feeling both ready and excited for the future but at the same time heartbroken and deeply saddened at the idea of living this city that has truly become home to me. While I know the next chapter of my life will be amazing, and it’s the right time to move on to my next endeavor…. it’s hard to let go and accept the fact that this is actually happening.




I have just about 1 month left in Barcelona.


And while that’s a hard reality to face, I must face it and accept it. Apart from accepting it, I must try and enjoy the time that I have left, to try and look at everything through a positive lens and not through a sad perspective.  I need to fill this last month with as much happiness, joy and adventure as I possibly can…

After all… it’s not goodbye to Barcelona, it’s see you later


30 thoughts on “One more month….

  1. Ha! I just connected to you. I’m visiting Madrid. Tomorrow I’m taking the train to Barcelona, but I’ll only be there for a couple hours.

    Thank you for this post…it makes me realize how lucky I am to get to see even a little.


    1. Sorry I sent it too quickly 😉. What I meant was there’s a lot of things to do in a month. Before you knew it you have accomplished so many things in Barcelona that will be memorable. Something to hold on while away. And a reason to come back to. Best of luck on your next destination. Mind if I ask, where to?


  2. All good things come to an “end”. Just because the end, or just because we have to say goodbye, doesn’t mean anything is being lost of destroyed. You will always have the feeling and sensations that the city, person, or event gave you. You will always have those memories and experiences that have added to your life. Enjoy what is left!


      1. Well I wish you all the best, and look forward to your tales from back in New York…most definitely a place on my bucket list!


      1. It’s so good to read about your experiences because we are going through them as well and reading your posts makes us feel normal. Good luck to us all!


  3. Toootally connected with you on this post! I have a month left before leaving Buenos Aires (have been here for most of the year), and felt a surprising wave of nostalgia after purchasing that return flight home (odd, considering I’m still on the road, haha). Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Barcelona, and best wishes on your future endeavors!! 🙂


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