I hate the feeling of regret, I try and live my life with as little regret as possible. I like to believe that the decisions I have made throughout my life have been the right ones. I mean... they have brought me to the place I am now.. so clearly I'm doing something right.   But … Continue reading regrets

Bringing a slice of home to Barcelona

Sometimes living abroad it is difficult to do "normal" things, or things you constantly do when living at home. You don't always realize how much you miss those things until you're reminded of them, either via a photo on social media, or just happening upon something one day. Sometimes it makes you homesick, sometimes it … Continue reading Bringing a slice of home to Barcelona


There is something magical about exploring a new place. Getting a taste of a new culture, new food, and new people. Looking around at buildings you've never seen before, hearing a new language, a new accent. Something so different yet sometimes it can still feel so familiar. I did not travel much growing up but … Continue reading Travel