Bringing a slice of home to Barcelona

Sometimes living abroad it is difficult to do “normal” things, or things you constantly do when living at home. You don’t always realize how much you miss those things until you’re reminded of them, either via a photo on social media, or just happening upon something one day. Sometimes it makes you homesick, sometimes it makes you miss your friends, and it just makes you feel down. And while it’s great to be living in Spain and I am trying to adopt the culture and lifestyle totally and completely.. .there are little joys of home and traditions I love to keep going.

Growing up I always had a soft spot for “crap” TV,  silly reality Tv shows. A personal favorite of mine is the Bachelorette. I remember being younger and watching with my mom, and as I grew up watching with a few of my girlfriends and always doing some sort of “girls night” . Luckily for me two of my really good friends here are also very into it (but neither of them are American, one is Canadian and the other British). Tonight we watched the first episode whilst drinking wine, painting our nails and eating popcorn. For me, this was a slice of home. Although a small one, it still truly gave me a night where I felt like I could be in any place, any country in the world and it just felt normal and right. (YAY for modern technology allowing me to keep up-to-date with my American TV Shows… because I still watch way too many.. )

 While living abroad is an amazing and incredible thing, and I never regret my decision of taking the leap to move here, there are days where I do miss home. Not only just missing my family and friends but the familiarity of America, and American culture. Nights like this give me my dosage enough that I don’t miss it too much…


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