“Real” life? 

I’ve had such a case of writers block lately. I started a few different new post and just was never able to write more than a few sentences. But then i remembered my whole point with this blog is being open and honest and that maybe I shouldn’t overthink it and just write what comes to mind. So that’s what I’m just gonna do here.. 

living in Europe “temporarily” sometimes gives me this notion that I’m not living “real life”. It has made me a more open person , I feel more at ease doing things outside of my comfort zone and things that I would not typical do if I was living at home. Not that I do anything dangerous or completely disregard everything going on… I’m just trying to be way more open minded. I was out with some friends last night and one of my friends was saying how when she worked as an aupair for 9 months her thing was just to say “yes” to everything. I think that in situations like this it’s almost necessary. I am continuously encountering new opportunities that are not just outside of my comfort zone but they are also opportunities that may never happen again in my life.

I don’t want to ever regret not doing something, especially during my time here. Having an opportunity like this is something that I am and will always be forever grateful for, living abroad is such an eye opening experience as well as such a life changing experience. The amount I have grown, and also grown up since I’ve been here is something that I am very proud of.

So going with the idea of not wanting to regret anything and doing things I wouldn’t normally do I’ve been living a lot of memorable experiences. Getting myself out there, trying to experience everything possible that makes me happy right here, right now and not always looking to the future outcomes (because who knows where I’ll be in the future so who knows how it will affect me). I’m trying to just live in the moment.

I’ve been doing this in many different ways since my time here. Whether it’s just something as simple as walking a new way home to explore a new area of the city, or going on a date with a guy who speaks not one single word of english.


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