Sometimes a donut is the answer.

Living abroad has it’s fair share of bad days… but i’ve discovered a great method of helping myself out of that funk…yesterday the answer was donuts.

For me getting through a bad day is a difficult thing, especially living abroad. You don’t have a huge support system. Most of the friends that you do have, are new ones, and you don’t quite feel comfortable venting to them about the silly trials and tribulations about a lousy day and a few things that went wrong. Also for me there’s a 6 hour time difference between Barcelona and New York, so sometimes it’s difficult communicating with friends and family at home. So you have to learn how to be strong and independent and work through the issues you encounter on your own. Which for me has been an invaluable life lesson. I mean obviously it’s not a way I want my life to be permanently but it has helped me to put things in perspective and not let things get on my nerves as easily. Also it’s taught me how to pick myself up when I am feeling down, which is something that is always a good thing to know.

What I’ve discovered that helps me to get through a bad day is to find some slice of happiness about being in Barcelona. I mean obviously every day I am happy to be here.. but some days you need to be reminded of that feeling of love you get for the city you are living in. For me that could be anything  as simple as just going to one of my favorite spots in the city, looking at a building, or as I did yesterday … eating a donut.

Above is the glorious donut that cured it all for me yesterday. Food makes me happy. (I can’t be the only one who feels this way right?) My two top foods for happiness are anything containing chocolate or cheese… if I have one of those things I WILL be in a good mood.

So yesterday as I was wandering the streets of Barcelona (after having a shitty morning), trying to kill about 45 minutes before work, I happened upon this marvelous chocolate/donut/heavenly shop. I saw an enticing display of donut, fronts and other sweets in the window and decided I most definitely needed to go inside and investigate what this place was. Its called “chök the chocolate kitchen” and it’s in the city center, right off of las ramblas. If you’re ever in Barcelona I HIGHLY recommend checking it out. (the website for more info)

Oh boy was I so glad that I went in. It was the best thing I have eaten in a very long time… well that might be a bold statement because it seems that everything that I eat here in europe is absolutely amazing. Anyway.. I bought a donut and as I walked along the side streets of raval eating my donut, I was happy. I felt the warm fuzzy feeling of happiness that Barcelona always gives me. ( I mean it was either that or a sugar rush… )  But it was in that moment that I knew that I am exactly where I need to be right now… and that in fact this was the best donut i’ve ever eaten.

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of chocolate, and a moment to yourself to find your happiness again. 

This place was just so perfect.. I mean come on, you can’t be anything but happy when you’re looking at a literal wall of donuts… doesn’t the saying go “a donut a day keeps the doctor away” …


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