random thought of the day: sometimes it’s really fun to put your iTunes on shuffle and hear random old songs that somehow you still know every single word to.

Anyway.. I have my iTunes on shuffle because I just feel like my brain is all over the place so shouldn’t the music that I am listening to right now match? Also I love music so much…I’m almost always listening to music. I have over 8,000 songs in my music library (I probably need to clean my iTunes but I’m too lazy…) This isn’t what I meant to talk about but here I’ve ended up…. (example of how all over the place my brain is… I open a new post to talk about one thing and wind up rambling about something else) I think I’ve had too much coffee today..My brain is almost unable to stay in one place. Whatever I’m just gonna keep going on this.

Music has been important to my time here in Barcelona, it sometimes fills up the emptiness. It keeps you company. It helps to make sunny days seem brighter. It just enhances everything about this experience. I love just walking the streets of Barcelona on a sunny day with my headphones in … I seem to enter my own world, sometimes I feel like i’m inside a bubble and it’s just such a nice feeling. I don’t like going anywhere without my headphones, if I ever leave them behind I almost feel lost without them.

Another awesome thing is that there are so many street performers in Barcelona. There’s this one trio that plays ragtime music, and it just makes me so happy and adds so much charm to this already magical city. They’ll sit in a plaza or a random corner of the city with a piano and I can not help but wonder .. how did they get the piano there? There’s so many talented musicians that perform here and every time I pass someone I just stop and look up at the buildings surrounding me and can’t help but marvel at the fact that here I am living in barcelona.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything” – Plato

It’s funny because the whole reason this post happened is because I opened my iTunes to start a new blog post (I always like to write with music) and put it on shuffle because I didn’t know what kind of music I wanted to listen to and then I started thinking about music… I just wrote what came to mind and here we are. Tomorrow I will write about what I intended on writing here.. unless I get distracted by something else again haha

… sorry for the rambles.


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