A lot of things have been happening these past few days. All of them both fun, exciting and at the same time scary. I have finally stopped ignoring the fast coming future and have officially decided to *try* to stay in Spain for another year. I have started applying for jobs in barcelona but also in other cities. I just Want to stay in Spain. I love barcelona , it is home and I have a routine and a life here … But part of me wants to go out of my comfort zone again and start life over in a new city. Here I have grown so much from starting from nothing and I’m wondering how much more I’ll be able to grow and expand starting in a new city Again.

I haven’t really started planning past next year, but I’m trying to take things one step at a time. A year ago I would have never believed that I would have become the person that I am now. I’ve transformed and matured into a person that I am very proud to be.

Also I am starting to plan my first solo trip, which is both extremely exciting and extremely scary at the same time… It’s something that I feel I almost need to do.. Everyone always says how awesome solo travel is,…I can imagine how if this is successful it will feel incredible and empowering to be able to travel to a foreign country alone… but only time will tell..


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  1. A person like you would never be alone for sure. Your readers are so eager to share your experiences and also to encourage you. 🙂 You are really an inspiration for many out there. Keep up the spirit 🙂

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