Magical Barcelona

I recently happened across this awesome time lapse video of Barcelona. (Link above)…but seriously it’s incredible watch it.

This city is wonderful, filled with history, culture and so much energy. I feel so lucky to be living in a city like Barcelona. It still blows my mind every day that not only am I actually living in Europe, but I’m living in a city as awesome as Barcelona.

There is something magical about a city that has the sea on one side and mountains on the other…You can go take a walk up a mountain or you can go take a walk along the beach, whatever you wake up feeling like doing, it’s there. Also it doesn’t hurt that “winter” was in the 50s/60s and at home in New York it snowed every day… I fall more and more in love with Barcelona with each passing day. The sunsets are incredible, you turn a corner and can walk past an incredibly old yet beautiful building. There are so many new places to explore, and even the places that I have already explored I always find myself returning. But I think the thing that gets me the most is the energy. It’s no surprise that I’m a city person, I need the energy and life of a city. I get bored easily, I need all the endless options the city has to offer, the constant stimulation. And Barcelona certain does not lack in that at all. Any type of cafe, restaurant, bar, club, store, anything, you have countless options here in Barcelona. I love this city and right now it certainly feels like home to me…but it also makes me happy to know that I can make such a foreign city feel like home so quickly. 



 Yesterday I was in the shower and I was just like, wait I’m in Barcelona right now, living here, living my life, as I would if I was living home. I know I’ve been here for a while already now but still it blows my mind to be actually living here, and to be living an actual life. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, but it truly makes me happy.


2 thoughts on “Magical Barcelona

  1. Hey ! Barcelona is at the top of my bucket list and I am so happy to see you enjoying your dream while chasing your dreams. It is really a difficult thing to do and very few like you are able to make the journey worthwhile ! Looking forward to see the world through your eyes. Also, thank you so much for visiting my blog and do tell me if you ever plan to visit India. 🙂

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  2. Barcelona looks absolutely beautiful! I think it’s wonderful when you have that feeling of not fully realizing that you are actually living in a place and it has become your life. I’ve been au pairing in Australia since the middle of January and I get so overwhelmed with emotion some days when I realized that waking up in Australia has become my everyday life. And here in Sydney, the coldest it gets in the Winter is supposed to be around 40-50 so much nicer than New York! You’re very lucky to be able to have the experiences you’re having, especially in such a beautiful place!

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