the beauty of a sunrise 

“Get outside. Watch the sunrise. Watch the sunset. How does it make you feel? Does it make you feel big or tiny? Because there’s something good about feeling both.” 
-Amy Grant 


 This morning I woke up super early to work (I’m covering for a friend) … I left my flat around 6:55 this morning… I am so not a morning person so waking up and leaving my house was a serious struggle… But the sunrise I experienced made it so worth it. Looking between the old and beautiful buildings of “ciutat Vella” in barcelona and seeing all the magical colors of the sky. And then on the bus passing down by the beach and seeing those colors above the water… It was truly incredible.

On my way I stopped for a coffee at my favorite, usually crowded, cafe which was completely empty and totally silent. As I walked towards the bus coffee in hand, ready to take on this 14 hour workday headed my way I started to fall in love with this magical quiet hour as the sun started to slowly peek into the sky. Now I by no means am a morning person… But the peace and beauty of this sunrise almost made me want to become one… But I love sleep too much… 

Slowly as the sun started peaking out bringing signs of the new day people started to emerge ready to take on the day.. I loved walking down the empty streets of barcelona but as the energy started to come back into the city, that’s the city I love so mucho 


2 thoughts on “the beauty of a sunrise 

  1. This is my favorite time of day. I don’t do it often enough because I love my sleep. But people always ask me why I wake up so early on days or why I loved working the early bird shift at Starbucks when I used to work there. And its this reason. Its the idea that you and only a few people are awake and active in the morning. It’s serenity. And the idea of a silent coffee shop is one of my favorites, as everyone slowly starts to wake up (workers included).

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