Fiesta Forever 

After a night of partying here in Spain I am always completely and utterly exhausted, destroyed and unable to function.. After living in Barcelona for almost 9 months I am still not used to the Spanish way of partying. I do have to say the more and more I experience it the more I enjoy the nightlife here.

The way people go out in barcelona is almost absurd to me. First of all people are allowed to drink from 18 years old, far cry from 21 in the states. And secondly… people here stay out LITERALLY until the sunrises. Most clubs close around 6 or 7 am .. and the clubs are still packed until close.

The other night I went out with some of my spanish friends and had a proper “spanish night out”. A typical thing to do here is to go drink with friends and then go to the disco… at around 1/2 am … like WHAT… that’s usually the time i head home from going out…. I went to university in the great state of Delaware, where it was a state law for all the bars to close at 1 am (which sometimes I loved… because I ❤ to sleep). So to me this way of partying is completely bizarre, foreign, but yet, I welcome it. And slowly I am starting to get a tiny bit used to it (I don’t think it will ever feel completely normal to me)

One thing that is very common here is something known as botellón which is basically just when people meet up, somewhere, usually outdoors close to whatever club they’re going to and drink. It’s basically like an outdoor pregame with all of your friends, and it’s a really fun and social way to get ready/ and drunk for the club. 

So on Friday night I went out with about 5 friends, who are all from here. We went to this wild club that I’ve never been to before, it’s slightly out of the city but it was so fun. It was a spanish club, there were few if any other americans or even foreigners there. Every single song was in spanish, and I didn’t know 90% of the music, but I absolutely loved it. It was a true night out in Spain. I felt so lost, and confused but so happy. Everyone was singing along to all the words, and I had no clue what any of the words were, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the music . I used to think I was an OKAY dancer.. but then I saw all these people at this club, moving perfectly in time to the music and I was slightly self conscious at first… but after a strong rum and coke, I got over it and just let myself get lost in the music and the company of my friends. (and I even wound up leaving the club with a new found love for reggatone/salsa music… next time I go back to this club, I hope I will know more of the music .) I had such a good time before I knew it, it was 5:30 am and I was completely exhaust I felt as if I couldn’t dance anymore. My friends urged me on, come on Sam we can’t leave until the club closes only 30 more minutes. None of them seemed tired, they still were dancing with all the energy they had when we first arrived to the club 3 hours before. That’s the thing with partying in Spain, not only do you stay at the club until 6 am, but normally you spend the WHOLE time dancing …. It is exhausting.

It was one of those nights where I was just so completely and totally out of my comfort zone, and I loved every minute of it. Experiences like this night are exactly why I picked up and moved to Spain.



5 thoughts on “Fiesta Forever 

  1. I lived in the south of Spain for a year and eventually just couldn’t keep up with it. I’m British so used to being able to drink from 18, but I found myself getting screwed up with my sleep patterns completely shifting between week and weekend. However, as they used to sing…
    “Sale el sol por la mañana,
    Por la mañana sale el sol,
    Sale el sol por la mañana,
    Y por la noche salgo yo!”

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  2. Partying in Spain is fabulous! I spent 6months in Ibiza and that’s just mental. I know people would say its not really Spanish…but believe me, i had never experienced anything like it before. Greek nightlife though is phenomenal!! I hope you get a chance to visit.

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