24 hours ago I was leaving for work… 7 am.::. And now I am just returning home from the disco/nightclub… ALSO 7 am 

. (I actually woke up 25 hours ago.. How am I still upright? It’s a miracle) but I felt a strong desire and inspiration to write this post. 

It’s crazy how much can happen in one day. This morning I woke up went to work and loved it. Then I went out with my spanish friends and loved it. Appreciate each day.. You have 24 hours to make it great (and today I apparently decided to use all 24..) 

Well now it’s time to fall into a long long deep slep… But tomorrow I will post on tonight’s experience at the night club..I think I was literally the only non spanish person in the disco… But I loved every moment of it.

Good night/ good morning 



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