Whenever people ask me what I want from life and what I want out of my future my quick response has always been “to be happy”.

Happiness has been something that has been on my mind a lot these past few weeks. What makes me happy? What will it take for me to be truly happy with my life? How do I become truly happy?

Now don’t get me wrong I am not unhappy with my life. Not at all. I just feel like something is missing. Like I’m not quiet there yet, although I’m not exactly quite sure where there is.

Part of the reason I moved abroad was as part of my path to find this happiness. To be happier with who I am as a person and to decide what in life will make me happiest. I don’t know exact where this “journey” will take me. But I know that I am on my way. I am truly happy where I am now.

To live with purpose
to say the courageous thing
to celebrate the simple gifts
to follow your dreams
this is a happy life 
– Wayland Henry


5 thoughts on “happiness 

  1. I think that after travelling for a couple of years, you will realise that you cannot find that missing link outside yourself. I belive that the road to happiness is to go within. Only then one will be able to feel happiness no matter where you are, and travelling is a great way to find out that nothing is really missing, it is all there, within. It just takes time to acknowledge and understand that 🙂

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