…there are nights like tonight where I jusr take a step back and realize how truly lucky I am.

Tonight there was a full moon casting a beautiful (yet eerie) glow over Barcelona. It was so bright, it light up everything and highlighted all the beautiful buildings in the Gothic neighborhood. As I walked around marveling in the sites and the beauty that the full moon was bringing to this already beautiful neighborhood … I just felt lucky.


This last month has been an absolute emotional Rollercoaster for me. Filled with happiness, anxiety, fear, sadness… and everything in between. But it’s nights like this, strolling around the city I love with someone I love that make me feel at ease. It let’s me know that everything will be okay, and that I just need to enjoy moments like this.


I feel so so lucky. Lucky to be in this beautiful city. Lucky to experience this incredible moment. Lucky because of all the possibilities that await me.


25 thoughts on “LUCKY

      1. That’s amazing!! You’re so lucky to get to live in such a beautiful city! I’ve also been living in Spain for a few years now (in a few places around Castilla y León). Spain is definitely a country that’s hard to leave once you’ve been here for awhile. =)

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  1. A nice series of thoughts and I so agree wandering around seeing and sometimes even smelling a place that is special is the best thing. Prague is one example. anyways nice blog and hope you enjoy some of my thoughts too

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  2. We were in Barcelona (for me the first time) in April/May – what a wonderful city … definitely need to return. Of course it would be so different to live there than just visit – a bit jealous. 🙂


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