My next big move (literally)

As I briefly mentioned  in my last post ( SAY YES! ) I finally have my answer to the daunting question of what comes next ?


The answer…


more specifically Bogota

Now this was a decision that I absolutely did not make lightly… it’s something I’ve actually been going back and forth in my mind about for months. From the beginning it was something that I wanted to do, but I was unsure if it was the right thing to do… but after lots of consideration and thinking about it long and hard, I’ve decided that this is what I have to do right now. For myself.

As I mentioned in Love Abroad , I met my boyfriend in Barcelona.. .but he is from Colombia. SO basically I’m going there mainly for him, but also for the adventure… And continuing the adventure of living abroad.

I never wanted to be “that” girl, the one who follows her boyfriend blindly and circles her life around him. And while it might seem that that is exactly what I’m doing, but actually it’s not. This is really the only option we have to live in the same place right now, so that does have something to do with it. But also right now I’m in a place where I’m making the next move in my life, deciding what my next chapter will be. I’m tied down to absolutely nothing and absolutely no one (well my boyfriend but… ). I feel like there is absolutely no reason not to go , there is nothing holding me back… if I don’t go it will be something I regret forever.
While I’m doing this in part for my relationship I’m also doing this for myself. I am able to go with a full residence visa, so I can have a job. I don’t have to worry about the legal stuff, and again I get to live in another country and experience another culture. All the while letting my relationship grow and letting myself grow.
While this was a hard decision to make, it was also an easy one… I love this amazing world  and being able to see as much of it as I can. This opportunity was too amazing to pass up and only time will tell what will happen..



27 thoughts on “My next big move (literally)

  1. Best wishes! No matter what happens it will be an eye opening experience and you will learn a lot, and hopefully love a lot!


  2. Good luck on your new adventure! I’m from Colombia (Bogotano) although I live in the state. I visit often and eat all the arepas I can! 😝

    Buen viento y buena mar!

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      1. hahaha, yes, arepas are the best! If you ever wander to the Caribbean coast of Colombia, the Guajira Department to be more exact, check out my parents’ hotel: El Matuy ( It is, bias aside, my favorite place in the world 🙂

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  3. I moved to Hungary and also to Malaysia because of two different guys in large part and neither of them worked out. I don’t regret either move for a second. Regardless of what happens in your relationship, it’s going to be an amazing experience! That’s valuable in and of itself!!! Best of luck to you!

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  4. Which city in Colombia? I am jealous to be honest. While I travel all the time, I have too many responsibilities back home to move from one place to another.

    There’s nothing tying you down so why not? You’re off to a new adventure, to meet new people and experience a new way of living. I think it’s awesome that you’re doing this.

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  5. Congratulations on making the leap! I get not wanting to be the girl who just follows her boyfriend {I’ve struggled with this decision before too!} but the situation sounds like an amazing opportunity for yourself as well, even taking him out of the picture! I hope your next chapter in Bogota is super fulfilling for you as your own person, but also for your relationship. He sounds like a keeper 🙂


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    1. Hey Sarah!

      Thanks for the well wishes… I did exactly that, I tried to think of what I would do if he wasn’t in the picture, and realized living abroad is what I want to do… but he’s a keeper and I would do anything to be with him so he decision was quite easy in the end! I’m so excited to see what happens next in Bogota (check back to find out!)

      Can’t wait to follow on your adventure too



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