the passing of time

One of the harsh realities of living abroad, is that the world does not stop spinning.

While that might sound like a stupid and incredibly obvious statement to make (because of course, duh… time continues and the world does keep going no matter if I’m here or there)… sometimes the actual reality of this is hard to grasp.


*** Side Bar **** Now I know most of my recent posts have been a little bit negative and down lately… that’s just where I’m at right now. Don’t get me wrong, life is great but this adjustment period is in no way easy. The purpose of this blog for me isn’t to be all sunshines and rainbows, I try and be as honest as possible. Basically I just type these posts on here exactly the same way as I write in my journal (as if you can’t tell from all the grammatical errors & typos because honestly, I don’t proofread it much at all). Because, I just like to share how I’m feeling, the good the bad and everything in between (that’s also why most of it makes 0 sense)… anyway RANT OVER.


So continuing..


The world spins madly on, no matter where in the world you are.


This is hard to realize. When I came home, for the most part everything looked and felt the same, but really nothing is the same.

Starting with me, I can say with 100% certainty that I am not the same person I was two years ago when I left for this journey of living abroad. The person who got on that plane, and the person who got off that plane, are different people. This experience has changed me, shaped me in indescribable and invaluable ways. And I could not be any happier about it.


But I have re entered into my life (which in and of itself has had some difficulties) but also, I’ve noticed changes. The passing of time, everyone keeps going with their lives, whether or not I’m here.

  • My friends are doing things together, without me… what are they not going to spend time together simply because I am away? of course not.
  • My family (parents especially) are getting older. There’s changes in the way they act, the way that the do things .. the fact is they’re aging and being away for all this time makes me realize it even more.
  • My dog is getting older, I mean she is 13 years old but she has aged so much during my time away.


It’s a hard reality to face, that everything is not going to stay exactly as it is in this moment. But at the same time, that is an absolutely amazing thing because that means that this world we live in is full of so many possibilities.


So I guess what I’m realizing is that you need to enjoy every second of this wonderful life we’re given, and make every moment count!




30 thoughts on “the passing of time

  1. Very true. That whole process of leaving something that seems so fixed and returning to find it changed can stop you in your tracks or liberate you because you have changed too.

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  2. I remember when I went back home after my first long time away (studying abroad in Mexico), I sort of felt like everything would be the same as when I left… like time would’ve stood still. I left in August and came back in December, and I sort of thought it would still be summer when I came back. Like, I knew it wouldn’t be, but it felt like everything else was on pause.


  3. Coming from the other side (I have had friends move away while I’m still here). Im aways amazed how much they changed. Its funny how somethings pick up and others are just how you left them.


  4. After I was living abroad for 5 months I felt that I’ve changed and see things differently. The people back home haven’t changed much. And they expect you to be the same, but you aren’t. You feel like you have to explain to them that you don’t do this and that anymore, and then you feel like you dissapoint them. I generally don’t like it when people comment on my behaviour too much 😉 I don’t think anyone does.


  5. I kind of feel the same way, sometimes I hate the fact that everythung changes and when you go home, it’s not the same anymore and you’re wishing to return back to those times that has passed. Ahhh life!


  6. Yea i totally understand…. Even I feel the same…. But I guess that’s the fun part and the sad part as well of being a wanderer….
    May you be blessed to explore everything…..


  7. Hello,
    I started my journey almost exactly two years ago. I can relate to all that you say. I call my journey my walkabout. I have been in a down place this week, so I wrote a friend. She reminded me that this low confusing point is all about the walkabout. Life is hard sometimes- that is part of the journey! Keep living life the way you do!

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  8. I enjoy your style of mixing your love of travel with philosophical conversation. It is unique. And if your current “negative” state is what is producing these types of posts I say continue on. Sometimes what we perceive as negative is simply admitting to the struggles of life. I do not perceive your posts as negative at all, but honest. And I appreciate your honesty. Great post, great blog, great read. I look forward to following you!


  9. Sounds hard. I understand how scary these things can be. You don’t have to feel badly about feeling negatively right now – you recognize the positive too. You have to find yourself, wherever you are.

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  10. Incredible post. Being abroad for over ten years myself, i am almost scared to go back and see what time has done to my family and old neighborhood. Joke aside, but it is a eye opener, better to have it earlier then later, because of your post, im gonna write to my family and let them know how much i love them. This post made my day!

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    1. I’m glad to have made your day!! (It actually made my day to hear that ☺️) … it’s difficult and both a good and a bad thing. It’s hard to feel like your home isn’t quite your home anymore but it’s also good because it really shows you how far you’ve grown as a person. I wish you so much luck and send positive vibes your way as you reach out to your family !


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  11. You have a gift. Seriously, your words are beautiful. You somehow have captured everything I am feeling right now and have given me a little shelter from all of the madness. Thank you (:


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