Love trumps hate.

I haven’t been able to write lately. I just truly don’t know what to say. I’m at a complete and total loss.

I try to be personal in my posts, but I try to shy away from anything too controversial, political or anything that cause discomfort to anyone who reads this blog. But this stuff I just have to get off my chest. (so this is an official disclaimer to anyone who doesn’t want to hear my thoughts, feelings, whirlwind of emotions on the political state in America at the moment.)



Watching Hillary’s concession speech I was in complete awe. How was this really happening. She was so well spoken and composed, presenting herself so strongly and put together… while around her the world (or america at least) was falling apart.

Here was a woman, so strong, so inspiring, so amazing… and she is not the one who would be leading our nation forward. HOW?! (seriously if you didn’t see her concession speech, stop what you are doing and watch it now)

Last night, as I watched the news… slowly but surely the results pouring in…I cried. I cried for my future, I cried for my friend’s futures, I cried for my country. I just couldn’t believe that for all these recent strides we had taken forward, we have suddenly taken a giant leap backwards.

I understand some people are unhappy with the current system, and have a great desire for change. But from the way I see it, this hateful bully of a man is not the person to instill that change.

I could go on an on about all the ways he disgusts me, especially in his treatment of people different than him. The fear I have over losing my rights as a woman, the fear I have over this rape culture.. but I’m just too tired. Today I moved around in a haze, truly feeling utter disbelief at how the hell this could be happening. But, tomorrow is a new day and I must keep looking forward… one foot in front of the other. I must spread love, spread happiness and spread kindness, because in the end all we have is each other.


HRC put it best “If we stand together and work together with respect for our differences… our best days are still ahead of us”


16 thoughts on “Love trumps hate.

  1. We grieve today but we’ll thrive tomorrow. This election has started a revolution. Change was occurring and this election was a giant hurdle. But we’ll get through it. The end is bright and I can’t wait to reach the finish line where equality is everywhere and that hatred is gone. It might take a while but it will happen.

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  2. As my heroine Scarlett O’Hara says “Tomorrow is another day”.
    Be yourself, don’t let anyone force you to change your morals & beliefs. Be true to who you are. The old adage that things happen for a reason is certainly true in this case. The strength to get through this time comes from within and those people you surround yourself with…

    Good luck from a non American watching it all from the other side of the world – you are not alone 🙂

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  3. I cried, too. I had so much faith that there are more rational people out there. People who are in the side of equality, inclusiveness, and fairness. As the electoral results came, I felt devastated. Was I so wrong? But learning where the popular vote is, made me feel better. I am grieving right now, but I have hope.


  4. Wow, this gives me chills just reading and makes me so sad and disgusted with the election results. Although I am American, I am not currently living in the states, but it pains me so much to see what is happening over there. It is an America divided. Daily protests are happening all over the country with people screaming “He is not my president”. I feel like the human race is more divided now more than ever. I’m scared for our future but you are right. We have to be in this together to bring about a better movement, changes, and respect for all, regardless of your sexual orientation, race, or ethnicity.


  5. Right there with you!!! Our media in the U.S. was too focused on the horse race to get them more profits. Focusing on the NON scandals while at the same time the chump (sorry, he doesn’t even deserve to have his name mentioned by me!) has all kinds of ACTUAL scandals and the media barely even noticed. It was APPALLING!!! I’m so disgusted with the way Hillary was treated, the voter suppression that also played a HUGE part in her “loss”, the Russians, the wikileaks….on and on and on ad nauseum. But I also think that nobody was going to beat that jerk because Putin wanted him as president. You did see that he came out and said he’d been in contact with the chump’s campaign all along yes? So I believe that even Bernie would have lost. The fix was in a long time ago. and are we going to investigate Comey??? that was THE deciding factor…..yes, I cried too, still do at times. I’m too old for this having already lived 8 years under the second worst president. Make no mistake, he will be an unmitigated disaster. I hope that David Brooks’ (of the NY Times) prediction comes to fruition. Not that I’d wish anyone dead, I don’t but he feels that the chump will either resign, be impeached or be assassinated within a year. and then we get the looney tunes far right religious nut case. oh boy. I just hope my investments hold until I can finally retire to Spain!! okay, off my soapbox. You are not alone…….


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