Climbing High

Long time no write.. I know…


The other week I got to experience something incredible. Definitely the most amazing thing that I’ve done so far here in Colombia. I went to Montaña Quebrada La Vieja, an incredible hiking path in the mountains of Bogota. It’s a beautiful path strewn with tons of fresh air, greenery and waterfalls after waterfalls. It was like a dream.



It was a hike unlike anything I’ve ever done before. It was difficult both mentally and physically. 



People don’t often realize that Bogota sits at more than 8,000+ feet in elevation. (that’s a whole lot higher than what I’m used to). The top of this trail winds up at 10,600 feet in elevation … yeah that’s pretty high…. but the height also lends itself to some breathtaking views of the city.



But also due to the height, it was a difficult and testing height. There were multiple times that I was ready to stop and turn back, but I kept pushing through and when I reached the top it was so worth it… It was a huge achievement to reach the top.



Through this hike I got more than a beautiful day in nature, I also learned a great lesson… Sometimes things get tough, but sometimes you need to just keep pushing through and take it bit by bit and then you’ll reach your goal.



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