I live in Barcelona now. That’s something I can say to myself over and over again, yet it still never seems to feel completely real. I have been living here for almost 7 months and there are not enough words in the english language to describe my journey, and my emotions so far (well hopefully through some of my future blog posts I will be able to find words to help describe it). Its been magical, awesome and scary all at the same time.

So, why pick up and move to Barcelona? If you’ve ever been to this city you might understand, theres some indescribable magical element about this city. Me and a friend have joked it’s something about being surrounded by beautiful mountains on one side and the Mediterranean sea on the other. The first time I experienced Barcelona, I knew this was a place that I was going to come back to. I had this unexplainable pull to the city, I still don’t even know what it was about this place that just felt like home to me..instantly.

What led me here… 

My first trip to Barcelona was in January 2014, during my senior year of college for a study abroad program. It was one stop on the 6 week trip, traveling through Spain, only 6 days spent in this city..but wow those 6 days made such an impact on me. Before coming on the trip I had toyed with the idea of one day living in Spain… it was just something that never felt like it would be a reality. Kind of like a thing when you’re 5 years old and say you’re gonna be a pop star like Britney Spears when you grow up. Something that seems like it would be great, but would never realistically happen. Soo the idea of living in Spain was somewhere in the back of my mind during my trip, but never fully as a realistic thought. I came to Barcelona, and it was just game over. I knew that there was something about this city that was soooooo so right for me. Well, maybe it didn’t help that I was also very sick and delirious and had no clue what even was going on.. but I think that might have added to it, being so sick and having that negative experience yet feeling so good about this place.

On my return home I was discussing with my best friend how awesome this place was. Well she had been researching teaching abroad, specifically in Spain (she wanted to learn the language). She mentioned a program that she saw in Barcelona. I thought to myself this is it, not only do I get to go back to Barcelona… but I could go and live there for a year. That sounded magical, ideal and just utterly perfect to me. So we both applied to the program, got accepted and bought our one way tickets to Barcelona. Yes a one way ticket. When I was clicking purchase the amount of emotions that I experienced were all over the map.

I had the ticket, I had the plan, and yet it still didn’t feel like it was really happening. I packed all the  things I thought I could possibly need into 2 big suitcases, and even as I was packing a years worth of clothes it didn’t feel real. As I said goodbye to all of my friends, it still didn’t feel real. As I said goodbye to my mom in the airport, it STILL did not feel real. Even on the plane, still had not hit me yet. Not until I stepped off the plane and into my magical city did it really hit me and feel real.

August 1, 2014… That was the day that I finally turned my dream of Barcelona into a reality. The day I left the US and came here. I honestly didn’t have any idea what I wanted to do with my life, still don’t and the idea of teaching English intrigued me (it also didn’t hurt that it seemed to be a fairly feasible way to work and live abroad). So I decided it fuck it, I’ll teach English in Barcelona. I applied for a training program here in Barcelona (which was actually great) and picked up and moved here. I arrived in Barcelona on August 2, 2014 and I felt so genuinely happy, I had this feeling that maybe I was actually doing something right for myself, and for the point in my life I was in. That this was the step to finally continue onto the next chapter of my life, and grow as a person. It really just felt so right, I don’t know how else to describe it…

Tomorrow I will delve more into my time here so far and what I actually do here in Barcelona. Don’t want to bore you with too much information at once. If you’re reading my blog I really appreciate the support, this is hard for me being so brutally honest with both you guys and myself. But it feels nice, and it’s nice to know people are actually reading this (and hopefully enjoying it) so stay tuned for more posts to come. I’m excited to share my experiences with you guys.


16 thoughts on “Barcelona.

  1. Thanks for the Like on Free Bird! Good luck in Barcelona! I loved it when I was in Spain. It really does take a while for it to settle in that you’ve made this big move in life. I wish you the best.

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  2. Thanks for the dropping by and liking my post on Love your Barcelona image – isn’t that a great view! Good luck with your year in this fabulous city – I wrote the Rough Guide to Barcelona, so if you ever need any tips or advice, drop by the site again. All the best, Jules

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  3. Totally understand you wanting to live in Barcelona. It’s one of my favourite cities and I always make a stop there when I’m in Europe. Enjoy the wanderlust, it’s addictive.

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  4. Wow, what you wrote about instantly feeling at home in Barcelona resonated so strongly with me. I think about it every single day even though I’m miles away in Australia! I felt as though I belonged there more than any other place on earth. I admire your courage moving to a new country and following your dreams. All the best in Barcelona, looking forward to reading more on your blog. Naira

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    1. Thank You Naira, it’s very nice to hear that someone feels similar to me. I feel as if some people don’t fully understand so it is nice to hear that you relate. I will be sure to check out your blog and your adventures. I will soon be adding a lot more to my blog, trying to get it up and running.. I appreciate the support 🙂


  5. Good for you. I don’t imagine it was an easy or straightforward move but I think sometimes you just have to decide to go and then simply get there. I had never thought about visiting Barcelona until about two years ago, and since then I’ve heard so many great things about the city that I hope I make it there soon. I’m not sure I’ll feel as at home as you do but I sure hope so!

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  6. My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Barcelona and Asturias in the coming months. It’s great to read your posts on what it is like to actually live there. I’ve lived in Canada my entire life but have been lucky to be able to travel the world for work – living in hotels for months at at time. I’ve dreamed of living in another country – but haven’t actually taken the leap. Reading your posts is really refreshing because I can see the same thoughts rambling in my own head as well.

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    1. Thank you so much!! It really helps me to process everything going on by writing it down and I’m glad you can enjoy it too. I am sure you will enjoy barcelona so much and if you have any questions or want any recommendations don’t hesitate to ask!


  7. I thought I’d drop you a line, I’m just about to move there myself and kind of mixed between completely freaking out and utterly excited about it. I am also exploring potentially teaching english myself too and would love to speak more with you (understand if that’s not possible/if you don’t have time). Anyway, hope to hear from you soon and thank you for sharing your experiences, it is inspiring 🙂 x Lucie


  8. I lived in Barcelona for 1 year after living in UK, i felt so At Home in Barcelona, well, im from Mexico City of course i felt like home, the architecture is basically the same, the laguage, etc. But beyond the magic of the city i was able to understand more the way We the mexicans are, we are very similar also i recognized the origin of most of our traditions due to the spanish colonization. Barcelona is a city that catches You o Kick You, in mycase i was fortunate to be there enjoying its own charm and learning more about myself.


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