These past two months have been a complete and utter whirlwind (ergo why I haven’t had much time to write). Full of ups and downs (mostly ups), lots of reflection on my past 11 months living in Europe, and just time enjoying this wonderful place and traveling.

The biggest news… I am officially staying in barcelona next year and I could not be any more excited, it just feels so right. I just know this is exactly where my life is supposed to be right now. I am studying my masters in international business starting this upcoming fall. It’s something that started out jut as an idea, as a means of getting a visa… But the more I begun to think about it the more direction I felt. I realized that I actually have a desire to learn more. International business seems like a place where I can truly (one day) make a career for myself. The biggest thing I’ve learned this past year is just how much this world truly interests me. And I feel by studying international business along with my passion for the world I can find a career and a future that will make me happy.

Also I’ve done a great deal of traveling as of lately. I just returned today from a week in greece. Oh my god, there are no words for how amazing that place was. I do have a special connection to greece since my grandfather is from there, but it was just so so so incredibly beautiful (I was actually moved to tears a few times during my trip..) In May I went to Lyon, France for a long weekend with a few girlfriends, that was also a beautiful city. To me I felt like I got the true “french” experience there, more so than I did in Paris… but more about these trips in a separate post.

I am so happy that everything has seemingly fallen into place and the future is playing out well. I am so lucky to have had this experience in Barcelona this past year, and I feel even luckier that I get to spend yet another year in this incredible beautiful and magical city.


3 thoughts on “ONE MORE YEAR!

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for stopping by and liking my post. I looked around your blog and it’s exactly my cup of tea so I’ve hit the follow button. Hope you can do the same 🙂
    Congrats on your year in Spain, I lived there too and it was the best time of my life !
    Good luck !

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