2 years ago

Two years ago today was the day everything changed.

It was the day I bought a one way ticket to Barcelona.

It was the day my dreams became a reality.

It was the day I started to believe that anything was possible.

That was both the scariest and happiest day. I was so scared to take this step but also so happy I had found the courage in myself to be able to do it. Being here now, looking back on that decision I could not be any happier. Buying that one was ticket was on of the best life choices I’ve made. Not only am I so happy living here in Spain. I have completely grown and transformed as a person in ways that would not have been possible if I had never bought that one way ticket.


8 thoughts on “2 years ago

  1. Very happy to read that, love when wandering people find there new homes! ❤ It took me almost 9 years to find ways to come to Paris, so I think I know how you feel now and felt during this road.

    P.S. not sure why, I get a message that your site is about to expire, so I can only see the post here in the reader and can't access the full version.

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