the road to recovery

As the title suggests my disappearance, and lack of writing has really been due to the fact that I’ve been working on getting myself back together and focusing on myself right now…

If you follow my blog, you know I’m going through a bit of a rough patch and struggling a bit with my depression which I wrote about (living my best life (with depression)living my best life (with depression)) …. but I’m working through it, and getting better

Before anything I just want to say THANK YOU! My last post where I wrote about my depression and my current struggles, the amount of support I got from all these amazing bloggers out there was just absolutely incredible. Everyone was so supportive, encouraging and just outright amazing, and for that I am beyond grateful. (additionally, I just surpassed 2,000 followers … so thank you to all you wonderful people who are following along on this crazy journey of mine and are enjoying my thoughts, ramblings and adventures)

These past 11 days I’ve really been getting my life on-track. I’ve set goals, and started working to make those goals happen. Returning back to a life that I feel as if I no longer belong in has been extremely difficult, but it’s made easier by the fact that I know this is only temporary. In just a few more months I will be moving and beginning the next adventure.

While I am excited to begin my next adventure, and go live abroad again. It still is hard, to feel as if your home is no longer your home anymore. It is hard to feel that this place that was once your whole world, is really only a small part of your world.. I know in my heart that this place will always be home, but it doesn’t truly feel like home anymore.

Now, again, I am writing yet another post that is all over the place… but I guess this is me now… the disorganized mess in all her glory.

Anyway I’m pushing myself to get my life back on track, setting goals (no matter how big or small) and working towards them (and rewarding myself for achieving my goals). Constantly reminding myself that this is only temporary, that the hard work and hard times are for a reason and something good is coming on the horizon… One foot in front of the other, day by day.. better days are coming. 



25 thoughts on “the road to recovery

  1. Depression is like a constant war it ebbs and flows all the time, its filled with false horizons and it is so so hard, because when you are down the negative thoughts all seem so rational. Things that actually dont matter become mountains to climb and your self esteem ebbs quietly away. You mention you are setting goals and that is perfect. A friend of mine you suffers from the same has learned something about how to cope with his depression. When the dark cloud comes he will go and find something tiny and insignificant to do, even the washing up, but he will do ti and do it to perfection, a plate will be so clean you can use it in an operating theatre as he puts it, and that act, while having absolutely so significance in itself, just turns his head around, restores a little bit of self esteem and from there he can climb back out of the valley. You are open to yourself so I am sure you will make it! Good luck there are at least 2000 people thinking about you and many more too I’m sure!!

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    1. Thank you for your kind and supportive words (as always) George. I really appreciate all your encouraging and supportive comments on my posts… they mean a lot to me! Putting things in perspective and setting goals has seemingly helped me thus far. I’m trying to open myself up to my feelings to deal with them better, here on this blog especially, and the incredible support of you and all the other wonderful readers is really helping me get through it!

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  2. You write beautifully about a common and difficult illness. As you know my blog covers many things but sport and psychiatry are two of my favoured topics, as am a psychiatrist. What is important is always to be honest and open as you are, and that itself helps. Goals are important however no timelines are needed really as everyone differs.

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  3. You have the will to do whatever you want in your life. Including going back to somewhere you were feeling better. Only you is the person who knows which choice is better. Follow your heart! Lots of love, Chiara ^.^

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  4. As someone who constantly wonders “what’s the point, we all end up dead anyway” , I wish you the best in all your journeys, whether they be journeys through the world or journeys within yourself. Happiness is hard work 🙂

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  5. Great to see you getting back on track, but don’t rush yourself. Like you by day 🙂

    When I returned home last year after 7 years living abroad, I too found it difficult (think I mentioned it to you before in a past comment on another of your posts) and wasn’t sure if home would really ever feel like “home” again.
    I read a post recently and I re-blogged it, it was about a bucket list. Maybe writing down some of your hopes and wishes and promising yourself that you will do them will spur you on, give you things to look forward to. I read it and decided that I too should make somewhat of a wish list, and just this morning I booked flights to Spain. Life is far too short and we need to enjoy it exploring and doing what it is that makes us happy!
    Hope you have a great day 😀

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    1. yes… I think I remember connecting with you about the difficulty in transitioning back to life at home. I am definitely trying to take it as it comes, day by day, bit by bit. I’m going to check out that post that you reblogged … maybe it’ll be what i need to hear. A bucket list seems like a good idea, it helps you set goals to work towards and look forward to.

      Wow congratulations on booking your flight to spain… I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time.

      I totally agree with you.. Life is definitely way too short, we need to be happy and explore as much as possible.

      Enjoy your weekend!


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      1. Hope you had a super weekend and make this week a great week. I have a habit of making myself lists of jobs/things I need to do each day…helps to keep me busy and motivated. My list for today is super long but managed to squeeze in some fun stuff haha! x

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      2. that’s exactly what I need… I always think of what I “want” to do, but then at the end of the day I realize that only did I not accomplish nearly half of what I set out to do , I was not nearly productive enough with my time… maybe your trick is the key!


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