I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone. Everyone whose encouraged me, supported me, and just was there for me.


I’ve received an outpouring of love, support and words of wisdom from a bunch of wonderful people who read my blog.

and as a result … I DID IT !!


I just purchased my one way ticket to Colombia, making it real!


Really the words of love & support have helped me get through it and really just go for it… and for that I am thankful (tis the season of thanks after all). Also, I’m a part of an amazing community of strong, wonderful inspiring women on Facebook ” Girls LOVE Travel” and they also helped encourage me and support me in this too… so shout out to that great community as well!

So thank you thank you thank you all a million times over.


Also just thank you to anyone who reads my blog, there have been comments on my posts, and I’m trying to answer every one possible, but it’s taking me some time so bit by bit, day by day, slowly but surely I’m answering.


and as always, feel free to reach out to me via e-mail theconfessionsofawanderer@gmail.com




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