tomorrow’s the day

sorry for the lack of recent posts & the total disconnect… but it’s for a good reason!


tomorrow’s the big day.. Tomorrow’s the day I move to Colombia… 


I’ve been packing, preparing, and planning (oh and panicking a bit…) But I know in my heart I’m ready and this is the right step for me to be taking right now. I feel very good about this move. 


Although, you know I always like to keep it honest here… I admit that my recent days have been a complete rollercoaster of emotions. I’m so excited, so happy & I can’t wait to go there and start my life there. BUT at the same time I’m also freaking out and have moments of doubt. Everything will be going great and then all of a sudden I’m stricken with a moment (ok maybe more than a moment) of panic, uncertainty and start getting super anxious about my move. Like right now in this moment … I’m sitting on my couch thinking “how could I possibly be leaving”… I find little things to worry about, like making sure I packed correctly, or that I forgot something (knowing fully that anything I need I can get). And then a downward spiral happens and the anxiety takes over.


While I am certain of my decision to go, in this moment I’m full of anxiety. I know it’s normal … but I still find myself growing more and more anxious with each passing moment. I know I’m ready, I know I’m okay… But I don’t feel it right now.



Well, tomorrow’s the day.. I’m off to the next adventure & I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted!



20 thoughts on “tomorrow’s the day

  1. I remember my big move across the globe, after all the planning the actual flight felt like sleep-walking. I wrote about it on my blog, though I fear it’s impossible to describe, you have to live through it:) Good luck, and lots of patience!!

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  2. I spent 5 weeks in Colombia in 2014 and absolutely adored it, I’m so jealous you’re going to live there. There may be some challenges along the way, but this will only make you stronger!

    Good luck and enjoy x

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