Life in Colombia!

Greetings from Bogota!


It’s been quite some time since I’ve written….(over a month!) sorry for the lack of updates, but life here has been absolutely crazy and busy but incredibly amazing. I’ve finally settled in and found sometime to give a brief update on life in Colombia (a short one… but hey … it’s a start ~ one of my 2017 resolutions is to ACTUALLY write more… so I promise I’ll try to most a little more regularly!)



I mean look how beautiful this place is!


Life in Colombia is great. I am so happy to be here and i am so certain that I made the right decision in moving here .  While it’s not all sunshine and rainbows (because honestly life never is and anyone who tells you that is lying) … I’m just so happy. This is where I belong right now.

I just want to say thank you to all of you, you’ve shared so many kind words with me. Words of support, words of wisdom and just loads of encouragement. You guys gave me the extra bit of courage I needed to take this leap… And you were right! I’m so over the moon happy here.


And for another exciting update… MY VISA WAS APPROVED! So now I have a visa valid for 3 years here in Colombia … and with this visa I have rights to live and work!

Basically me and my boyfriend  applied for a tp-10 which is a partner visa, it went smoothly and some what quickly. It took about a month start to finish to get all the paperwork … and now I’m the proud owner of a Colombian national id card!! (I’m debating writing a blog post on the visa process… but TBD …)

Thank you again for all your love and support… stay tuned I promise I’ll post some actual updates on life here in Colombia and the things I’ve been doing.


Ps….Happy 2017


❤ Sam




23 thoughts on “Life in Colombia!

  1. Wonderful!
    So great to see you writing a happy and upbeat post. I’ve been checking out your page to see if you had uploaded anything new…really glad to see you made it safe and sound and have got off to a good start!
    All the best out there and I look forward to reading all about your adventures over there! 🙂

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  2. I’m glad you are enjoying Colombia and I hope you have a wonderful stay! And yes, write a post about the visa application process, my American wife might need to apply for one! Buena suerte! 🙂

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  3. Congratulations on your move, and so happy to hear that your visa was approved and all is well. Seeing the couple of pictures that you included makes me want to see more if you get the chance! All the best from another ex-pat living broad in Germany.


  4. I think writing a visa post sounds much too tedious, but I know people will benefit from it greatly! Currently looking to get a work visa in Mexico myself (starting this summer). Someone’s blog post about the i.d. card process in Spain that saved my life last year! Definitely worth it, if you’ve got time to write a detailed how-to.
    Beautiful pictures, by the way! Congratulations 🙂

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