the beauty of a sunrise 

"Get outside. Watch the sunrise. Watch the sunset. How does it make you feel? Does it make you feel big or tiny? Because there's something good about feeling both." -Amy Grant    This morning I woke up super early to work (I'm covering for a friend) ... I left my flat around 6:55 this morning... I am so … Continue reading the beauty of a sunrise 

Holi Festival

This weekend the Holi Festival came to Barcelona and I was lucky enough to get to go. It was a wonderful, incredibly happy and energetic experience and I can't wait till I get to go again. If you ever need a pick me up this is honestly the best thing to do. The positive energy, … Continue reading Holi Festival

Magical Barcelona I recently happened across this awesome time lapse video of Barcelona. (Link above)...but seriously it's incredible watch it. This city is wonderful, filled with history, culture and so much energy. I feel so lucky to be living in a city like Barcelona. It still blows my mind every day that not only am I … Continue reading Magical Barcelona


A lot of things have been happening these past few days. All of them both fun, exciting and at the same time scary. I have finally stopped ignoring the fast coming future and have officially decided to *try* to stay in Spain for another year. I have started applying for jobs in barcelona but also … Continue reading planning 

semana santa travels 

Greetings from the country side of spain (via train)... This week is semana santa in spain which is basically their spring break, so that means no school & one week vacation from work. What a glorious thing. So for a glorious 9 days I will be traveling through spain & Portugal. I am so excited to … Continue reading semana santa travels 


So this is what I originally wanted to write about when I got distracted by my thoughts on music.. I have this thing...I'm so... I don't know I can't find the word for it, it's not exactly lazy or unmotivated, I just can never always see something through to the end. I'm not the best … Continue reading Unwritten

“What’s next ?”

"what's next?" "what's your plan?" "when are you moving home?" "when are you getting a real job?" These are the questions that people keep asking me ... Questions I have no clue what the answer is, and questions that quite frankly scare the hell out of me. I know I need to start thinking about my future, … Continue reading “What’s next ?”

Finding Comfort in Coffee & Books

The thing that can be difficult about living in a foreign country is being constantly surrounded by a foreign and unfamiliar language (especially here in Barcelona where they speak Catalan, not Spanish...and no the languages are not all that similar) But then again that is the most exciting thing about living abroad. But there are … Continue reading Finding Comfort in Coffee & Books

“Real” life? 

I've had such a case of writers block lately. I started a few different new post and just was never able to write more than a few sentences. But then i remembered my whole point with this blog is being open and honest and that maybe I shouldn't overthink it and just write what comes … Continue reading “Real” life?